Stucco Repair and Restoration Services In McKinney, TX

With regular repair and maintenance, the stucco at your home can last for a long period of time. If you feel like moisture has come across the walls and they have started to damage the stucco leading to deteriorate or crack, then it is certainly high time for you and hence you should contact us. In addition, we can also fix the issues related to hard water that might be coming out from the plumbing system. This can indeed cause damage to the property and further cause a lot of wall damage.

At DFW Paint and Drywall Pro, we can handle any given project at ease. We are having a team of highly qualified professionals who are ready to work on any stucco repair at a very affordable price. This would eventually help you to save a lot of money in a long run because you would be able to fix the problems beforehand before it turns out to be a major obstacle. We are expert in the following services and we offer a worry-free guarantee to our customers which certainly assures of our quality work.

What are the processes involved in Stucco repair services?

There are a few steps that are involved in stucco repair services:

  • By the help of a hammer and chisel, you can widen the crack to about ΒΌ inch. The edges of the crack should be shaped in an inverted V.
  • Remove any loose materials or deteriorated pieces that might be present in the concrete.
  • Fill the cracks using standard caulk gun alongside stucco repair mixture.
  • Make use of a wet towel so that you can smooth the new stucco so that it matches with the finish of surrounding stucco.

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