Interior Painters Services in McKinney, TX

A fresh coat of paint can make your home look adorable and at the same time make it look brand new.  DFWPaintandDrywallPro can help you in getting your home painted in a very adorable way. We provide quality service that too in a certain time frame so that you won’t have to devote much of your life into it. Here are the interior spaces that we paint:-

  • Hallways
  • Windows
  • Nurseries
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Living Rooms
  • Home Offices

How do we get the interior painting done?

Once you have booked us for the interior painting job, we would call you to get the much-needed details before we begin to start the process. Here are the steps that we follow:-

  • We confirm the paint colors as well as other details.
  • We would ask you to remove any fragile items, pictures, valuables etc. before we start to paint.
  • We would ask you to find a place for your pets until the time we are done with the painting
  • We would ask you if you are having any queries for the painting work.
  • We would ask an email from your side about the requirement that you might be having for the paint day.

Before we begin to paint, our expert professionals would access the project and further make your home ready for painting by doing the following set of things such as:-

  • Covering the floors
  • Moving as well as covering the furniture.
  • Fill the cracks and holes that are present in the walls.
  • Repair and finish the drywall.
  • Remove the wallpaper that might be present.
  • Performing the window caulking.

Interior Home Painting Colors

Selecting the right colors can indeed be a difficult task. But, you don’t have to worry as we would assist you with the same. We would sit down alongside you and we would discuss with you the colors that would work best for your home.

Our team of experts will help you with the paint color ideas and schemes and hence find you the perfect colors that are needed for the interior space.

Here are the few things that you can look when choosing colors:

  • You can use monochromatic colors which are varied in value and saturation. For illustration, you can use a pale red in combination with dark red.
  • You can use analogous colors which are made with a combination of three colors. For illustration, you can use the colors orange, yellow, and orange-yellow.
  • You can make use of complementary colors which are based on the contrasting colors such as cool and warm colors. It gives a vibrant look to your house when used with full saturation. The examples could be blues and yellows.

We offer quality service at an affordable price

At DFW Paint and Drywall Pro, we provide our customers with a detailed and transparent proposal which dictate our services as well as the cost involved in it. We don’t impose any hidden prices and you would be getting an accurate price based on the services that you may have undertaken.

We’re not happy unless you’re Happy

We thrive on providing best in class service and nothing makes us happy than a satisfied client. We would be helping you out throughout the project and we will make sure that no touch is needed at the end of the day. Once the project is finished, we clean up all the stuff before we sign off. You would also receive a call to ask whether you are satisfied with the services that we have provided.

Book an Appointment

You can book an appointment today to get the interior painting of your home done. When you have booked an appointment, one of our representatives will follow you back and ask all the necessary details that are required for the project.