Tips For Removing Wallpaper – A Complete Guide!

Are you looking to remove your old wallpaper? If yes, then you have certainly come at the right place. Sometimes old papers can be quite annoying and to remove them certain steps needs to be followed. 

Once the paper has been removed, then you can get in touch with a good painting contractors in McKinney, Texas such as Dfw Paint & Drywall Pro for getting a fresh paint done or for a new wallpaper. 

So, let’s waste no more time and perhaps look at the 7 tips for removing the wallpaper. 

  • Tape it :- Before you start to remove the old paper, then it is important that you protect the other surfaces that is present in the room from soap and water which you would use to remove the wallpaper. It is recommended that you use the painter’s tape to completely cover the molding and trimming.
  • Peel it :- In some of the cases, you will see that the old paper is peeling off on its own. In such a case, you can remove the wallpaper on your own by your hand without using water.
  • Wet it :- After a certain time, you won’t be able to peel the wallpaper using hand or knife. In such a scenario, you will need to spray the wall. You can spray the it using warm water which will help it to separate from the wall. During the process, it is recommended to cover the floor using drop cloth or plastic.
  • Scrape the wallpaper :- Allow the water to sock into the wallpaper for few minutes before you begin to scrape it. Make use of a taping knife to strip it , either in the up-and down direction or left-to-right depending upon your comfort. Just in case, you find trouble doing the process, then you would need to spray the wall several times. Also, you need to be extra careful such that the wall underneath is not scratched. Furthermore, if you find another layer, then you need to finish the first layer and then move onto the next.
  • Wash it :- Once the complete wallpaper has been scraped off, then you need to wash the wall such that excess paste or primer is removed. You can use a sponge with water and by using that you can wash it. Washing the wall is indeed the most important step in the complete process.
  • Smooth the wall :- Tiny specks of paste can severally cause problem to your wall treatment. So, if you don’t smooth the wall, then in the next treatment, the paint can eventually crackle or flake. Additionally, the wallpaper to be used over it would not stick properly or it may have bubbles.
  • Use a new wallpaper :- Once the old paper has been removed, then you can finally use a new paper. In addition, you can also get in touch with a reputable painting company in McKinney, Texas such as DFW Paint and Drywall Pro who would help you out in fixing the new paper.

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